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QuiltFiction Season 2

First published in 1907, Aunt Jane of Kentucky recounts an elderly quilt-maker Aunt Jane’s memories of life in the rural south as told to an unnamed younger woman visitor.

QuiltFiction Season 1

In Season One, Friendship Album, 1933, tells a heart-warming story of strangers brought together by quilting and made into family.

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A truly enjoyable read! Quilters will relive their own first patchwork steps along with Emma as she searches for her place in a new community. Non-quilters will experience vicariously Emma's discovery of the power of quilts to connect, heal, and restore the soul.
Marianne Fons
What a delightful book! ... As I read, I was transported out of my chair and into the town of Sweet Anne's Gap and the lives of the quilters that I can understand so well. --Annie Smith
Annie Smith
"Birds in the Air is a great book and quilt block -- it's as unusual as liking the book and the movie! It was such a pleasurable read. I cared about the characters and what happened to them. I enjoyed revisiting what it is like to be a brand new quilter."
Kathy Matthews

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